Meet Our Board of Advisors


Christopher Hunter

Christopher (“Chris”) Hunter is the Chairman of Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors. Chris brings a broad range of business expertise to Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors. Chris’ vast C-level experience with a myriad of national and multi-national corporations bring tremendous leadership and value.

Chris’ focus on defining and executing strategic initiatives, as well as key performance indicators in support of those initiatives, bring a no non-sense approach to performance and accountability for Adopt Technologies leadership.

Chris’ experience and acumen extends to all business related decisions that Adopt Technologies makes as a growing firm focused on becoming a leading cloud computing services provider for its small and medium sized business customers.


Jim Hayden

Beyond a wide range and depth in business experience, Jim is masterful at assembling and leading teams that are built to accomplish specific initiatives and end goals. Depending on each unique business initiative, the array of expertise and key individuals required to achieve success will vary, which is why Jim was the keystone to assembling Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors.

Jim brings a level of accountability and diligence to Adopt’s leadership and its Board Members that is often missing in organizations and boards. Jim brings the best efforts out of individuals to accomplish tasks at hand and he meets with Adopt Technologies leadership on a monthly basis, in between formal board meetings.



True Carr

True Carr brings a long and extremely successful track record of business leadership, ownership and development in the construction industry, one of Adopt Technologies’ primary vertical markets. True’s business acumen in the construction industry focuses on delivering quality products while meeting customers’ highest expectations.

In his business development, True maintains an unparalleled commitment to fostering longstanding customer and employee relationships while also focusing on a day to day necessity to “delight the customer” in its ongoing operations.



Amanda Vega

Amanda Vega brings marketing, public relations, branding and social media expertise to Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors.

Amanda has also started multiple companies, and sold two of them, through which she has gained significant and valuable experience that Adopt Technologies benefits from. Amanda’s savvy with telling a companies’ story and tailoring all branding and messaging to align accordingly, is second to none.



Aaron Gagnon

Aaron Gagnon brings legal counsel and general business expertise to Adopt Technologies Board of Advisors. Aaron understands the intersection of business, law and relationships which culminate in strong insight on a wide array of important topics and decisions Adopt Technologies evaluates on an ongoing basis.

Aaron’s experience with navigating and avoiding potential pitfalls that many small businesses fall victim of, as well as mitigating risk, is of significant value to a fast growing business like Adopt Technologies.

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