Our Story



Adopt Technologies, formerly Directrix Computer Solutions, was launched in 2003 by Joshua Shinar to provide top-notch traditional IT services. Because of our expertise and commitment to high-quality IT services, in short time we were able to develop a residential and commercial client base over 500 strong through customer referrals. Within a few years, in order to expand offerings to that growing customer base, we invested heavily in additional servers to provide data backup services. Through heavy competition in the data backup segment of the business, we soon realized it was a space in which we did not want to play, yet we had just invested in all the equipment.


At that moment, we started to think bigger and began testing different ways we could use those servers to benefit our customers in more significant ways. SooHelgeson familyn the light bulb went off and the concept to offer virtualized desktops along with a package of cloud computing solutions as a hosted and managed service was born. Since 2009, the cloud computing side of the business has grown no less than 36% every year, and in 2015 we have realized impressive growth of over 50%. Providing hosted, turnkey, desktop and software solutions is now the main focus of our business.


Brett Helgeson, now Principal of Adopt Technologies, was once a construction business owner and a long-term customer. He was so impressed with the massive benefits afforded to business owners through cloud computing technologies that he eventually left the construction industry and joined forces with the Adopt Technologies team.


The Story Behind Our Name


When we looked at renaming our company and forging a new image for our future, we were searching for something that would not only relate to our business and our team personally, but also to you, our customers.



“Adopt” by definition means “to embrace, accept, choose, take up and practice or use,” and this is exactly what you do when you make the shift to our cloud computing solutions. These are enhancements you make to your business through your own choice - to improve your technology and efficiency on many levels……..and make cloud computing your own.


On a more personal note, Brett and his wife Gretchen created their family by adopting three wonderful children. In a way, they have also adopted the technology industry through partnering with Joshua Shinar and the Adopt Technologies Team.

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