It’s been several months now and Jessie and Ryan have taken ownership of everything from the computer screens back into the “cloud”. They have diligently provided incredible service, working the Cloud more efficiently, solving speed problems with our system provider, assisting us with Microsoft audits, and more. In other words, we do what it takes to run our business and the Adopt folks ensure that, from a computer network standpoint, we are second to none. Our team thinks your team is part of our team!

Today’s companies require technology solutions that so many of us don’t understand. That’s not a problem when you have Adopt Technologies on board. You and your team have earned our confidence and trust. We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Adopt Technologies.

True Carr

President and CEO of Alliance Lumber Companies

Adopt Technologies has become a trusted partner of Premier Precision Group.  PPG is a manufacturer of critical complex components used in the defense and aerospace industries.  Adopt Technologies was brought in to assist with reviewing our IT department and its deployment practices, which had historically been led by an internal IT manager.  After diligent analysis, it was clear that there was a significantly better way to approach IT that would enhance every aspect of PPG's technology and significantly decrease costs. 

Adopt Technologies provided PPG with a fully managed IT platform customized to the needs of the business.  They delivered server redundancy, disaster recovery, cyber-security and a bench of IT acumen that we could never afford to build internally.  They were responsive, have great technical support and are committed to our success. 

Chris Hunter

Former CEO of Premier Precision Group

When I first was introduced to the idea of moving all of our firm's software to the cloud-computing environment, I was skeptical. Issues of security, speed and cost were of immediate concern. After thoroughly reviewing the specific needs of our CPA firm, the professionals at Adopt Technologies designed a cloud platform catering to our unique requirements.

I am happy to report that our data is more secure than ever before, access speed has not been an issue, and our computer support costs have been cut in half. Additionally, our employees are thrilled with the ease with which they are able to access the cloud from home or from client locations.

In summary, we are very pleased with our move to the cloud, and appreciate the professional service and support provided by everyone at Adopt Technologies.

Phil Taylor

Taylor, Duffy & Associates, P.C.

In the world of construction, integrating computer technology to the needs of my business is a challenge because the storage capabilities of traditional systems are not adequate. Architectural plans inevitably are files too large to store or email, and yet have to be maintained in a secure and easy to access environment. Adopt Technologies with the cloud technology provides me this option, along with having what seems to be unlimited capacity to keep all my programs and data requirements easily accessible. In a busy construction firm, this data storage saves time and money. And when it comes to reliability, I know that the team at Adopt is always available and willing to help me with any challenges, including the most simple of questions. When increasing my staff, they have worked with me to find the easiest solutions to make my business growth seamless. Thank you for being incredible to work with, and for being truly part of my team for success.

Steve Kurth

Director of Construction LUXE Construction LLC

Adopt Technologies has been a trusted partner of Facings of America since 2004 and they always delivered on our IT and technology needs. As soon as Adopt Technologies started offering their Hosted and Managed Cloud Computing Solutions, Josh and Aaron started talking to us about how cloud computing was such a good fit for our business and that it would deliver many benefits to us. We hadn't made the decision to move to the cloud and then…….a fire sprinkler head broke loose in our on site server room and literally fried all of our servers. Not only was Adopt's unbelievable staff able to retrieve all the data through back-up systems they had set up, they were able to have our entire computing system re-built and fully functional on their managed cloud computing system overnight. What could have been a devastating event that disabled our nationally recognized stone and tile company, turned into one of the best technology disaster recovery efforts I have ever seen. The transition from having your systems on your own server to working with Adopt's cloud service ended up smooth and seamless. We have now used the cloud service for almost 2 years and are extremely happy with the result not only from an IT standpoint but also financial since we have saved a large amount on internal IT expenses. Adopt Technologies and their cloud computing platform are integral parts of our business running smoothly.

Erik Droge

CFO Facings of America

As soon as Fertility Finance and CapexMD started their significant growth trajectories it immediately became apparent that we needed a high quality enterprise level technology solution to keep up with our customers loan application and funding demands. The traditional IT methods we were utilizing were no longer up to the task. We had to focus on the core competencies of our business and not worry about computer systems and the problems and distractions that come along with managing all aspects of those systems. We needed a high availability, fully dependable and redundant computer system solution and Adopt Technologies package of hosted and managed cloud computing solutions met and exceeded our requirements. Adopt's staff is highly knowledgeable, always available and they are now partners in our success. We are efficient and nimble and can easily access our computer systems from anywhere in the world and can add computing resources with merely a phone call. Adopt Technologies has added immeasurable value to our business.

Jules Segal

Owner Fertility Finance

Adopt Technologies literally changed every aspect of our IT for the better when Joy Christian School and the Community Church of Joy moved to Adopt's Hosted and Managed Cloud Computing Solutions. By using Adopt Technologies for our mission critical technology needs, we are saving almost 40% annually compared to our old, traditional IT model. In addition, we never have to buy, manage, repair or replace servers for our administration and teaching staff again! Our end user experience is significantly better than before and most importantly, we now have a strategic technology partner that provides full time support and technical staff if needed that we could never duplicate internally. Our next initiative…..moving our student population to the cloud!

Jim Davis

Superintendent Joy Christian School

Gold Medal Swim Schools is committed to delivering professional swim safety, instruction and training to students ranging from infants to Olympic level competitive swimmers. Our student customer base has continued to grow and beyond typical business operations, our staff has to manage all of our students, their profiles, class schedules and event schedules. Due to expansive demands, our computer systems need to be highly functional, available and accessible from multiple sites so that staff has access to our swimming software and database. We had cycled through IT firms and lost faith in the last one as there always seemed to be technology challenges, high IT management costs and mis-information being provided to us. Enter Adopt Technologies….. the opposite of all prior technology firms we dealt with! Adopt Technologies analyzed our IT systems, listened to our IT challenges, needs and desires and then introduced us to their package of cloud computing solutions which addressed everything! Adopt Technologies was able to quickly and efficiently move us to the cloud and eliminate our technology headaches. Our system is more sophisticated and dependable than it has ever been, Adopt's staff is the best and now we don't worry about our computer systems, we let Adopt Technologies host and manage everything!

Elaine Anawalt

General Manager Gold Medal Swim Schools

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